News: Headcount Enables Expat Payments Careers With New Global Office Network

25 April 2019 By Adam Hall


​Expanded network of 6 offices worldwide is ideal for international payments companies and professionals seeking payments job opportunities overseas

Headcount Recruitment’s new network of 6 offices worldwide will give payments professionals direct access to global career opportunities.

Ideal for payments and fintech employers with international reach, Headcount now provides on-the-ground access to candidate communities, and those willing to relocate to Europe, North America, Asia and worldwide.

Headcount is now also better placed to assist expat professionals – or those interested in pursuing an international career path– within the global payments community.

Office locations include London, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Singapore and Malta. The rapid expansion of Headcount’s network has been made possible through the acquisition by Pentasia Recruitment in 2018. Headcount is already servicing client accounts from all key locations, and is actively expanding recruitment teams.

New Locations Improve Job Access For Payments Expats

The newly-expanded Headcount network is ideal both for employers with an international presence, and for expat professionals, including those looking to take their payments career overseas.

Payments is an increasingly global industry. As established markets have matured, regions like Latin America and Asia Pacific have meanwhile experienced impressively rapid growth. This has increased demand in the talent market for experienced payments talent to relocate across regional borders.

Salary increases for professionals moving overseas for work average $21,00 USD*, with earnings uplift providing a significant incentive for many to move. In fact, two thirds of expats experience a salary increase as a result of the move, and achieve an eventual income of $103,544 USD*.

Motivators for expat careers also include broadening horizons and improving quality of life. Both in professional and personal realms, a career abroad can be one of life’s most fulfilling experiences.

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Headcount’s Global Presence

In addition to now offering an on-the-ground office presence around the world, the Headcount team are committed to making connections at conferences and industry events worldwide. We’re proud to be part of the global payments industry’s evolution and growth.


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* Source: HSBC Expat Explorer survey of 22,318 expats worldwide