Payments Talent 2019: Assessing the Skills Gaps in Payments and Fintech

17 November 2019

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Welcome To Payments Talent 2019

In this paper, we share exclusive insight on the payments and fintech talent market, with a focus on critical skills gaps and what the industry can do to address them.

  • "Evolving skills and resourcing requirements sit high among the key challenges for companies to address.  With warnings of an expanding skills gap coming from all sides, just what skills are payments businesses struggling to find and what needs to happen to meet this demand?"

Download PDF: Payments Talent 2019


Headcount is in a unique position to help payments companies in today’s evolving industry. We have over 25 years’ experience in the sector, and now, as part of the Pentasia group, we also offer access to an extended global talent pool from relevant, adjacent sectors, supported by expert consultants around the world.


Published by Headcount Recruitment

Edited by Helen Owen