Dodge The Downturn: Strategies For Payments Job-Seeking Success

08 July 2020

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​​Looking for a job in Payments? Economic gloom could easily get you down. Instead, follow these strategies for success to get you back on track.

The business news has, it seems, never looked so bleak. COVID-19 has upended business models worldwide and struck markets to their core.

If you’re looking for a job in Payments, that backdrop could give you cause for serious pessimism. But there’s significant cause for optimism too: our sector has shown impressive resilience so far, and its culture of innovation will surely serve it well as further challenges emerge.

Experience shows us that certain job-seeking strategies serve candidates well, even in challenging market conditions.

So, check out our latest jobs and take note: 6 Strategies For Job Searching Success

Here are our top recommendations for job seekers as the global recession sets in:

1 | Focus on the growth

Even as economies enter recession, some industries still grow. Certain professions, too, remain are in high demand. Luckily, fintech industry is likely to feel less severe effects than many others. For job seekers, it’s worth taking the time to understand what’s happening in the market, and focusing on employers whose markets are holding steady.

2 | Update your skills

High value skills retain value even in economic downturns. In fact, companies who are increasingly cautious regarding spending will often look to make hires who offer “value for money”. To make sure it’s you they chose, it’s important that your knowledge and skills are up to date with the current trends, legislations and demands of the market. iGaming Academy has a plethora of courses that can help you acquire a new skill or update your knowledge. Find out more here.

3 | Trust your recruiter

Recruiters are job-seeker’s best allies; and even more so in times of recession. Offering both sector knowledge and   direct contact networks, recruiters are in a privileged position to know who’s hiring, who’s growing financially and who could be a good match for your skills.

4 | Refresh your CV and sharpen your video interview skills

As working from home has become our new normality, here at Headcount we’ve noticed a positive trend; scheduling interviews has proven to be easier than ever before. So, with interviews proceeding remotely, now’s the time to get your CV updated, and brush up on how to conduct a successful video interview. Read our article about Video Interviews: How To Ace The Remote Hiring Process or how you to make your CV to get noticed: CV Storytelling: 5 Techniques Job Application Success

5 | Consider working on a contract

Companies during this crisis will likely change some job openings to be on a ‘contract’ rather than ‘permanent’ basis, at least until they weather the storm. Fixed contract employment is a great opportunity to secure a job and get your foot in the door of a company. You then have the time and the opportunity to show your skills and talent, which can (and very often does) lead to a permanent position.

6 | Take a leap of faith

Remotely working is here to stay. New employees are facing an unprecedented situation where they might join a company without ever having met manager or colleagues in person. The job seeking process may seem strange, but those who have the courage to explore new opportunities in this time will be first in line to reap the rewards.


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