​Starting A New Job In The COVID-19 Era: How To Thrive

03 August 2020

Starting A New Job In The Covid19 Era

Starting a new job in the COVID-19 era. Congratulations! So you’ve secured a new job in challenging times; what next? We’ve put together a 4-step plan for your new start, complete with insider tips. 

First and foremost, congratulations! Not only for the new job and the fresh beginning, but also for managing to get a job in one of the most challenging times in recent history. 

Starting a new job always comes with a jittering feeling, but starting a new job in a COVID-19 era is definitely different than anything before. A million questions can cross your mind, from the silly ones to more serious…

  • ”When will I get to meet my manager and my colleagues in person?” 

  • ”How I am going to learn all these new systems and procedures virtually?“ 

  • “Will I be able to be up to speed with the rest?”  

You might feel a bit overwhelmed and that’s ok, but you shouldn’t let this feeling take over the new exciting opportunity that lies ahead. 

Here’s how one candidate we recently placed sees it:

“Accepting a new challenge during Covid-19 times might sound scary, but most companies have understood what’s required and adapted their processes to be as welcoming as possible for new starters. I recently moved to a Head of Compliance role, where my new colleagues had planned a full induction schedule, despite the limitations. Their pro-activity helped be be active in strategic projects after only a week.”

We put together 4 tips to help you navigate starting a new job remotely:

1. First impressions count, so get the basics right.

Now’s the time to make an impression. Get the basics right: be on time, dress in  business attire (or according to your company’s dress code policy);  set up your working environment in your home as best you can. Whether starting remotely or in person, first impressions still count a lot. No matter how proud you are of attending that band concert a few years ago, keep that t-shirt for later on when people know you a bit better! Meanwhile, opt for a nice simple shirt. 

Top Tip: You can read our own take to The Ultimate Working From Home Productivity Playbook and pick up some extra ideas. 

2. Remind people who you are

Starting a new job always requires introducing yourself to many new people as they learn who you are and what’s you’ll be doing. This process could take a little longer and need a bit more effort on your part if you start working remotely. Don’t rely entirely on your manager or HR to make introductions; take the initiative and start meeting new colleagues!

Top Tip: Joining a meeting? Or looped in to an email thread? Take a moment to briefly explain who you are and what you’ll be doing. Not everyone will have got the memo. 

3. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Let’s be honest here. The human interaction is not your ally at the moment. Normally, relationships are formed by walking around in the office and meeting everyone, ‘putting a face to a name’, or joining team meetings. Remote working and social distancing is making this much more difficult. 

This however shouldn’t dishearten you; all you need is time and communication. Therefore, whilst you are in the early days, if someone emails you, try to schedule a video call instead of just replying back. Remember, you are new to this role, company, team – people expect you to have questions and to be inquisitive, so be open and don’t be shy. 

Top Tip: Pick up the (video) phone instead of emailing new colleagues. It’s a much better way to build relationships. 

4. Adjust and manage your expectations

Be aware that our ‘new normal’ involves working in ways completely different to what you are used to in the past. There is a great chance that you are not the only one who feels that way. 

In essence, we’re all in this together! This is a new situation for your manager and the other members of your team as well; so for instance systems, tools or procedures that they were confident to show in person, they might now find it challenging or even frustrating for them. Your manager might feel the need to micromanage you in the beginning or go the opposite way and he might expect you to be more intuitive and proactive. 

In any case, be patient and understanding as this is a novelty for everyone and things might take longer than before, but also be communicative and ensure you are on the same page with everyone. 

Top Tip: Take things slowly. Give yourself – and others – a little more time than normal to get things done. 


COVID-19 has definitely changed the working environment and has made big and small companies to rethink their operational ways of conducting business. There is no doubt that starting a new job in this era is completely different and demanding in many aspects. 

It might take you some time to feel comfortable or to settle in within the new company, but you shouldn’t let all these challenges take away the excitement of starting something new and interesting. 

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