It’s Simple: “Commit” To Improve Your Recruitment Results

14 October 2020

Its Simple Commit To Improve Your Recruitment Results   Blog Pic

​​By Alastair Cleland, Managing Director [Headcount]

How will you achieve best recruitment results in the coming months? Even despite 2020’s seismic economic shifts, businesses still want to hire the best and competition remains fierce.

 So, in a post-Covid world, how does your business ensure access to the best candidates on the market, whilst keeping control of your recruitment spend? We say it’s a simple case of “commitment”. To achieve results in recruitment, successful businesses know that only the best will suffice. Reaching the best candidates involves a commitment to building strong talent networks and relationships with trusted recruitment partners.

 Talent acquisition is not an area where low-cost wins; instead, it’s an area where enormous returns on investment can be found by those who commit to do what it takes to reach the best possible candidates. The fintech and payment businesses we see who have grown exponentially over recent years (and who are largely forecasting continued growth post-Covid) are those who commit to recruitment with serious intent. 

What Does Commitment To Recruitment Involve? 

Commitment to recruitment may involve:  ​



Building a deep partnership with recruiting partners

Ensures best possible representation of your employer brand to the market by trusted recruiters who properly understand your business

Instructing roles exclusively to a single, trusted agency

Ensures higher prioritisation (Note that the ‘multi-agency’ approach can have the opposite effect)

Agreeing to a retained project fee for major roles 

This pays for dedicated time and materials and maximises project priority

Taking a long-term view, beyond individual hires

Moving beyond ‘filling roles’ towards growth of successful teams and businesses

​ What Are The Alternatives? 

It’s tempting to buy into the narrative that 2020 has seen a return to a “client-driven market,” and to squeeze recruiting costs.  

In reality the majority of the payments talent market remains significantly candidate-led. Valuable specialist skills remain in short supply, and although increasingly unemployment will lead to higher numbers of applicants, the shortlist of viable candidates is unlikely to increase by much. 

Those seeking to cut costs short-term are also misguided. Ineffective recruitment carries huge costs for businesses, both in terms of delays (leaving vacancies unfilled) and performance shortfalls (caused by ineffective hires.) 

In Recruitment, Commitment Is Key 

It’s never been more important to ensure that your business hires the right people. By committing to effective recruitment practices and relationships, your business will be on the right track to achieving results. 

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