Jobs Explained: Technical Writer

30 March 2021

Jobs Explained Technical Writer

What is a Technical Writer? How much do Technical Writers earn? How do you get your first job as a Technical Writer and what is the long-term career potential? In this jobs explained profile we explore everything you need to know about Technical Writers in the payments industry.

What is a Fintech and Payments Technical Writer?

A Technical Writer breaks down complex information into easy to digest chunks. The goal is to enable anyone from a wide range of backgrounds to be able to read a document and understand it.


What does a Technical Writer do?

​Technical writers transform complex and technically difficult written material into clear and concise documentation that will be read by target audiences. They gather and develop technical information in order to create maintenance and operating instructions, technical and instructional manuals, journal articles, and other documentation for manufacturers, designers, and clients.


What are the Pros and cons of technical writing?


  • High demand

  • Learn new things everyday

  • Helping anyone learn anything

  • Good salary


  • ​Lack of creativity

  • Repetitve

  • Constrained by style guidelines and standards

How much do Technical Writers earn?

  • Entry level £25, 000 - £40, 000

  • Mid level £30, 000 - £50, 000

  • Senior level £40, 000 - £70, 000

What skills and qualifications do you need to become a Technical Writer?

The ability to convey complex concepts, processes, and procedures for a wide range of audiences is the most import skill any Technical Writer can possess. However having any of the following experience is beneficial:

  • Expertise in designing documentation sets/user assistance for complex product sets.

  • Experience designing and developing user assistance within a topic-base, user-focused, and task-oriented paradigm.

  • Experience in performing substantive and developmental editing of technical documentation.

  • Excellent written communication skills in English (native speaker level).

  • Experience using help authoring tools such as Help & Manual, Oxygen XML Author, or MadCap Flare.

  • Strong understanding of REST API design, general programming design and principles

  • Exposure to programming languages such as Java, Ruby, Python, or others.

  • Experience in developing page and control-level context-sensitive help.

  • Experience in planning and conducting customer research in relation to documentation and user assistance.

  • Experience in working in a multinational company with remote colleagues and subject matter experts.


How do I get a job as a Technical Writer?

Experience in the Payments industry is advantageous but not essential for all roles. Breaking down complex information into bitesize chunks is the skill that takes a Technical writer from their first contract, all the way up to project management level. You’ll find Technical Writer jobs advertised online, including junior, mid-level and senior positions. Be sure to include all relevant qualifications and experience when writing your CV - and don’t forget to send us a copy too, as we often have exclusive and unadvertised Technical Writer jobs.