Talent Market Update: Compliance

22 April 2021 By Lisa Gambino

Talent Market Update   Compliance

Market Snapshot: An experience driven and increasingly busy market, populated by exceptional candidates.

The latest:

  • The buoyancy of the compliance sector has led to a relatively unaffected 2020 and a promising 2021.

  • After a busy first quarter demand is rising, with compliance continuing to be critically important to business stability and growth.

  • Compliance manager and senior compliance roles are particularly sought after, often for license application assistance.

  • Industry specific experience is critical, especially for positions interfacing with multiple regulators across multiple jurisdictions and countries.

  • New market entrance is boosting the demand for UK compliance experience.

  • Compliance candidates are proving exceptional to work with, as they take offers seriously by vetting companies, and quickly coming back with a clear yes or no.

Key Takeaway:

The market is busier than ever, with experienced candidates proving due diligence throughout the hiring process.