How To Master Your Personal Brand

12 May 2021

How To Master Your Personal Brand   Headcount

Working hard and creating professional value will get you far in your career, but building a personal brand is what will set you apart.

Personal brands are a great sales hack, with 92% of people more likely to trust recommendations from individuals over generic brands according to Nielson. With the potential influence of the individual completely superseding that of established brands, it is clearly important to establish a strong personal brand.

Here our are top tips to master your personal brand:

1. Figure out who you are. You need to figure out what defines you, what projects you like or dislike to work on or be involved in and what motivates you. This is known as your VITALS. (Psychology Today)

2. What do you want to be known for? Your personal brand is a roadmap, determining where you may go in the future so analyse your strengths and weaknesses. (Leader Economics)

3. Define your audience. This makes it easier to develop a public engagement strategy that is relevant, enjoyable and uses appropriate communication styles. (Economic and Social Research Council)

4. Research your desired Industry. Analyse your competition and intended customer base. What do they consume, who do they follow, whom do market leaders target? Look for a niche. (Inc.)

5. Embrace networking. Connect with peers and industry thought leaders by going to formal and informal networking events. Don’t force connections though, play to your natural strengths. (Science of People)

Key Takeaways

A personal brand is like your business signature, it adds flourish and character to your professional exterior, signifying who you are and what you value. A strong personal brand shows clear direction and identity, targets a relevant audience and is competitive in it’s chosen market. A good networking strategy is a key factor in continued growth and success.