Talent Market Update: Product Management

18 May 2021 By Cinta Soler

Talent Market Update Product Management

Market Snapshot: A fast paced and experience driven market, offering flexible opportunities for innovative candidates.

  • After a quiet 2020 the products market is now booming, a return to the talent centric hunger of previous years.

  • High demand for senior talent is coinciding with a rise in product side vacancies in the UK, Spain, USA and Israel.

  • Technical product managers are increasingly valued over Commercial, as they are viewed as having broader experience.

  • SME or startup experience has become highly desirable, as companies view such talent as more proactive with greater knowledge beyond their role parameters.

  • Agile methodology remains popular with companies, the more modern the processes and more innovative the products, the better.

  • Remote working opportunities are on the rise with a host of flexible working options available, especially in Europe.

Key Takeaway

Companies are hungry to reward experienced hands on talent that can drive innovation and efficiency.


Cinta Soler is a Fintech and Payments specialist, for the latest opportunities contact her at: cinta.soler@head-count.com