Talent Market Update Sales

12 July 2021

Tmu Sales Hc

Market Snapshot: Bidding strategy is evolving in this candidate hungry market.

  • In Q2/Q3 payments companies are all looking to bring on-board senior Business Development Managers to ensure they meet annual sales targets.

  • There is pressure to headhunt from Payments leaders, but movement is minimal.

  • Quality sales people now come at a premium and a candidate that was £80K in 2020 now will only move for £100K base in 2021.

  • More clients now are retaining us for our services as hiring quality, proven sales staff with 5+ years' experience is very difficult and time consuming.

  • Full-time working from home contracts for Sales candidates is now top of the priority list and just as important if not more than a salary increase.

  • Counter-offers are now becoming much more meaningful and lucrative to ensure top performers to stay in their current roles.

  • Although the marketplace may look like it is over-run with available candidates, only a small portion of these candidates would get an interview with majority of payments companies this year as client expectations/demands are higher than ever.

Key Takeaway: Skilled Candidate value is rising sharply with senior talent in particularly high demand. Companies are finding new ways to appeal to candidates, with remote work often more important than salary.