CV Advice: Proving Your "Business Worth" Irrefutably With Facts And Figures

01 January 2022

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​The bottom line is, and always will be, critical in business. When considering whether or not to hire you, managers are almost always thinking "will this person earn me  revenue / customers / exposure?"

And guess what? It's your job to prove that you will! As a candidate, it's critical you prove your own "business worth".

Whether you work in marketing - and your role is to create campaigns to acquire and retain customers - or sales - where you promote and sell products - there's always a target, a focus, on how much money you will produce for the business.

But we find that all too often these amazing achievements don’t always seem to make their way on to CVs. Hiring managers are always on the look-out for employees who'll contribute to their bottom line - if you're not showing the numbers you pulled in, you're missing a trick...

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Upgrading your experience: add facts and figures to prove your "business worth"

Let's start with a simple example, the type of statement we see on CVs and resumes every day:

  • "Creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns"

It's half there, but where's the proof? Where's the impact? This statement improves immeasurably when we upgrade to:

  • Created and launched a bespoke digital marketing campaign to 3000 lapsed players, which resulted in 25% responding to the offer and therefore generating an additional £11,250 for the business over a six week period

Recruiters look for candidates who can prove their worth

When reading a CV, we as the recruiter and our clients want to know what you can grow, build, develop and achieve for them and how you can maximise their business so always put on your ‘commercial savvy hat’ when writing your CV!

Duties are great to detail your role, but what did YOU personally do to make a difference? What did YOU achieve?

How to structure your key achievements: use the STAR technique

We often recommend that people use the STAR technique (there are some other similar ones) but this is a great starting point when considering how to convey your key achievements.

  • S – Situation

    - What was the starting point? A need to acquire new customers, for example?

  • T – Task

    – What did you do? Created a campaign using various marketing channels, perhaps?

  • A – Achievement

    – Summarise your involvement. Did you lead a team, or set this up yourself, long term?

  • R – Result

    – Provide the numbers. Did you receive X amount of new customers / depositing players which lead to X amount of revenue, for example?

As a Recruiter, specialising within the online gambling industry, this is advice that I find myself offering daily to job seekers as it is something that was never explained to me, when I was starting out or even five years into my career.


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