How to find a company that will take care of you

27 February 2022

Week 11 Blog Posts9

​Our working expectations have changed drastically over the last couple of years, and in a candidate driven market, employers are scrambling to catch up. In 2022 employees desire not just increases in salary, but personalised offers that suit their individual needs.

For some it is flexibility, company culture, stock options or just a competitively priced salary, crucial in a time of rising inflation.

However, actually finding what you want can be easier said than done, so what should you look for in a supportive employer?

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Examine your company culture

It might sound a little obvious, but just think about it: could your current company accommodate your needs? For many of us this will take little thought, but if you are unsure, think deeper. Have you ever had any struggles in your personal life that required time off or extra support from work?

Sometimes it’s just the little things like being there for your children, personal pursuits or early finish Fridays. The best companies know how to be there for you on your worst day, whether that be through company culture, mental health support or flexibility.

What are your working options?

Flexibility remains crucial in 2022, with most companies now offering hybrid options as standard. However, how flexible is flexible? The devil is in the detail.

Remote roles are still rare outside of Tech, and the term hybrid is extremely fluid. Hybrid can mean 3- 4 days a week on-site at one company or one day every two weeks at another. Some organisations opt for minimum numbers of days per month, so you might have to go in at least 8 days a month.

The point of flexible working is to allow you to perform at your best, whilst maximising work-life balance, so make sure you find an arrangement that suits you. Good companies will be happy to talk about the subject with you, and may well be willing to accommodate any special preferences if you have good reasons.

Check social media

Social media is a great resource, to compare cutting edge companies. Firms that take great pride in their ethics and company culture will be sure to brag about it! Many CEO’s have taken to LinkedIn to express their gratitude for their employees during Covid, particularly if they were able to keep everyone out of furlough.

In the last two months forward thinking businesses have announced companywide salary uplift to counteract rising inflation, an amazing gesture of goodwill and support. Such acts are not only compassionate, but speak to a company’s likely success too, another perk of joining.

If you aren’t receiving the support you feel you deserve, make sure you take the time to see how other organisations are handling their financial future. It’s pays (literally!) to know there are better options out there.

Scrutinise job ads

Job ads are the best place to assess the market, not just in terms of salary, but company culture, flexibility, and benefit packages. A great place to start is with our annual Salary Surveys, to get an idea of the baseline salary ranges and averages you can expect before you head to the market to compare.

Market leading companies will have irresistible opportunities; not only competitive remuneration, but great perks, benefits and hybrid working policies that mesh with your lifestyle. You don’t have to settle, there are endless opportunities in this industry, so make sure you keep abreast of all potential avenues for positive change.

Don’t settle

Don’t feel like you need to fall at the feet of the first half decent offer either. If you have the luxury of time then collate and compare; look after number one.

Find a recruitment specialist with the expertise and professionalism to put you first. They will be able to offer you tailored opportunities unavailable on the open market, and stop you getting buried in CV sorting algorithms on generic job sites.

Consider the future: Who is going to take care of you when inflation reaches 7% or higher this year? Who will take the pressure off your mental health and champion you through the hard times ahead? If you find the perfect opportunity, then do everything you can to impress your prospective employer, the future is yours to secure.


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