Use these 3 tips to maximise your CV

29 March 2022

How To Maximise Your Cv Hc

​In a candidate driven market opportunities come to you, and getting noticed is often the easy part. But if you just wait for opportunity to come to you are you really capitalising on your true potential?

If you want faster progress, and better more tailored opportunities, check out this guide to maximising your CV.

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State your achievements

Don’t just talk about your responsibilities, what did you achieve? A potential employer or recruiter is looking for what makes you the best candidate for the job.

Make sure for each and everyone of the roles on your CV you state what you were responsible for, and what your actions achieved.

Align these achievements with the job requirements, adapting your CV as necessary to best match what is required.

Keep a running track of your achievements year-to-year, in order to build up a library of success that you can pull out and use where required.

Check out our full guide for more.

Presentation and organisation

Help your CV stand out by using an eye catching template, highlighting the most important information, without wasting any space.

Don’t go over the top, you don’t want a potential reader, feeling overwhelmed by anything too colourful or dominated by graphics.

But you can use colour to differentiate information blocks, allowing you to save space without the CV looking cluttered.

Don’t waste words

Minimise reading effort and eliminate platitudes. Recruiters and employers have to read many, many applications to the point that anything hard to read or cliched could easily be discarded.

Read, re-read and re-re-read your CV till every sentence is polished and flowing. It should almost feel like the sentence reads itself.

Cut anything unnecessary, don’t bother including anything that doesn’t enhance your credibility, and even then stick to your top successes, a CV should never be exhaustive.

Check out our full guide for more.

Maximising your CV

If you are able to evidence your abilities or achievements in an organised and tightly worded document, you are well on your way to maximising your chances of getting noticed.

Your CV should represent you as a professional, not just in what you do, but in who you are and what you stand for, so treat it as highly as any other piece of work.

If you want further guidance, check out the CV section of our Jobhunter’s Cheat Sheet for in-depth and job specific advice, tailored to your needs.


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