Manifestation: How to think yourself into a better career

21 April 2022

Manifestation Hc

Is positive thinking really powerful enough to change your working life? We investigate the manifestation craze and how it can take your career in exciting new directions. 

Right, so what is this manifestation thing? Glad you asked. It’s a way of thinking good things into being, or “the practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them real” (according to Vox.) 

Sounds simple enough… Indeed it is! Though perhaps deceptively so. Like Peter Pan, for manifestation to work you have to really believe that you can fly. Or, in our case, not ‘fly’, but ‘get that great new job’. 

So I just think my way into a better job? Something like that. 

OK - but what if I don’t have any relevant skills or experience? Stop it! That’s not the kind of question that’ll get you where you want to go. 

But, really, what if I just don’t fit the bill? Seriously, that’s not the attitude. Maybe you’re being hard on yourself? What’s stopping you from stepping up? 

I guess I could try thinking a bit more positively… That’s the spirit! As a first step, let’s take a moment to fully envisage this dream job that you’re looking to grow into. Remember, it could be a few years before you’re landing the role, but it’s important to visualise the goal clearly. 

Is that it then, visualise it and it’ll come true? Well, no. Visualising the dream is critical, but you’ll need to put in some legwork too. 

Oh. I thought manifestation was just about thinking? Alas, not quite. But thinking positively is definitely a great start. 

What else do I need to do then? It’s also important to be grateful for what you’ve got now. Too much living in the future can make you resentful of the present moment. 

If I’m honest, all this sounds a bit wishy-washy. What are some practical steps that I could take? It’s true that manifestation is a ‘mindset’. You might want to learn more about it by reading Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. If you’re feeling in the zone, though, perhaps now’s the time to take action and pen a 5-year career plan. 

That’s more like it; I love a good plan. And so you should. The most successful professionals are highly proactive when it comes to their career. Taking time out to plan ahead is an activity that’s well rewarded. 

Great, I’m excited. Fantastic. Remember to think positively. Imagine clearly where you want to be and, as if by magic, it will “manifest” into life. Good luck! 

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