How to get a job way above your experience level

12 May 2022

How To Get A Job Way Above Your Experience Level Hc

Bravery, manifestation and strategic selection; we look at the best ways to take a giant leap ahead in your career and increase earnings substantially.

Who would say no to an enormous pay rise? Surely the allure of a meaty new role and significantly more cash should inspire us all to action? Obvious, right!?

As it turns out, the very opposite is often true! Rather than shooting for the stars, many of us prefer to stick to comfortable ground. Instead of applying for ‘big’ roles, we tend to limit ourselves to opportunities of a similar or marginally elevated level. (“My salary + 10-15% please.”)

The payments job market is absolutely booming, with unprecedented levels of demand across the sector worldwide. And yet, far too many talented individuals are failing to identify their own potential. By embracing bravery - even to the extent of applying for roles “way above” your experience level - there’s huge potential for significant, speedy career progression.

Pay increases of 30, 40 or even 50% may be rare, but significant jumps are not uncommon in today’s talent-short, high demand market.

It all starts, though, with how you approach the job market.

We’re all about inspiring careers in payments, so here are our top tips for those seeking a substantial promotion (and, perhaps even more importantly, for those who aren’t but should be!)

Be Brave: Apply Regardless

Just as you can’t win a race you don’t enter, so you can’t get a job you don’t apply for. (…unless you’re headhunted, of course, but perhaps that’s getting ahead of ourselves.)

The key rule of thumb is not to look for a 100% skills match. Job adverts will always be comprised of both “must haves” and “nice to haves”; you’re absolutely in with a chance if you’re hitting 70, 60 or even just 50% of the brief. Good recruiters will know where to draw the line, so give them a chance to qualify your potential rather than discounting yourself before the process has even begun.

Master Manifestation

As we wrote about recently, the practice of ‘manifestation’ can be fantastically helpful when it comes to pursuing career success. What is manifestation, you ask? It’s “the practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them real”.

Yes, that’s right, if you can believe hard enough that the ‘moonshot’ job is genuinely within your grasp, it is more likely to become a reality. Easier said than done, but mastering manifestation something a growing number of leaders are attributing their success to.

Choose Roles Strategically

OK – before we get too carried away… there does need to be a semblance of viability to your application. There’s no use applying to be a CFO if you’ve spent your whole career stacking supermarket shelves. (Even then, you’ll get there eventually!)

A great plan is to target roles you know to be a) In particularly high demand, and b) Requiring of niche skills which you can offer. If you can hit this sweet spot, even your limited level of experience may be readily overlooked.

Skill Up

If you’re still troubled by imposter syndrome, a quick nip back to school could give you the boost of confidence you need. For those getting in – or moving up – in payments, our partners iFinance Academy offer a wide range of easy-to-access training courses. Or maybe it’s more generalist tech or workplace skills you’re after, in which case Coursera, Udemy or LinkedIn Learning will surely have you covered.

It's easy – and often completely free – to plug gaps in your CV with highly relevant training.

Demonstrate Passion

Your lack of experience or skills can be forgiven, but there’s no excuse for holding back passion. In fact, demonstrating enthusiasm and interest is a tried-and-tested fast track to success in interview processes, making up for even the widest of skills gaps.

There’s no substitute for doing your homework, so make sure before you enter a process you’re clued-up on who you’re applying to. When you’re extending beyond your comfort zone it pays to be prepared.


Who knows? Maybe that job that seemed far out of reach could be closer than you think. Why not take the plunge and see what happens?


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