Positivity in the workplace: Why it’s important, and how to create it

06 October 2022


​Remaining positive in the workplace when things aren’t going your way can become very difficult. Ignoring your feelings is a recipe for disaster, so ensuring that you are able to maintain positivity is key to keeping up your mental health.

How you feel in the workplace can affect your mood in your home life, and vice-versa. We discuss how best to create a positive attitude for yourself in the workplace, and even those around you.

We’ve put together some tips for what we find keeps us positive that we want to share.

1. Find a work friend

It’s easier staying happy when you’re with friends. Find people who you share a passion or a hobby with and bond over something positive.

Engage with them at appropriate times and take an interest – you’ll be surprised how quickly people will open up! Being kind and generous to colleagues can also help brighten the mood for everyone, creating a healthy atmosphere where you feel more comfortable.

Negativity breeds negativity, so bonding over mutual distaste of your co-workers will most likely not create a positive atmosphere for you and those around you.

2. Celebrate small successes

Sometimes we get bogged down with the big picture, maybe it’s a big project that will take months to complete or a workload that never seems to stop.

Being able to stop and appreciate the small or recent successes is essential to creating a positive feeling about your work. Celebrate smaller milestones with your team or by yourself in your personal time, not only will this benefit you but it will create an atmosphere around you that lets people celebrate the smaller items on their to-do list rather than focussing on big projects.

3.Take breaks

In any situation, overextending yourself without taking breaks can lead to issues that could easily have been avoided. By taking a break once in a while, whether it’s for 5 minutes or a mental health day, you’re allowing yourself a moment to process what you have been doing and where you would like to go.

We all have bad moments, so take yourself away and come back refreshed with a positive outlook.

4. Decorate your workspace

If you’re able to, why not spruce up your desk with some home comforts! Have a photo of your loved ones or an important event in your life, or make sure you have some snacks in your desk!

These may seem like simple things to keep around, but having something on your desk to brighten your day or remind you of home can make a huge difference in how positive you are throughout your 9-5.

5. Maintain work-life balance

One of the most important factors to positivity in the workplace is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Creating a separation of these two spheres can help with maintaining your positivity when you are at work, as you have the time outside of work to chase your hobbies and passions.

A great way to maintain work-life balance is by keeping your work email off your personal phone. In doing so, you create a barrier that allows you to switch off once the work day ends, leading to a healthy barrier between work and home life.

Create a positive atmosphere for yourself and those around you

Finding positivity can be more arduous than we want it to be, but with these tips, you can help foster a positive atmosphere around you.


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