7 tips to make your LinkedIn page stand out

30 March 2023


In today's professional world, having a strong LinkedIn presence is essential for career success. With millions of users worldwide, it's easy for your profile to get lost in the crowd. So, when you are looking for a new role, how can you make your profile stand out from the crowd?

Here are seven tips to make your LinkedIn page shine and showcase your professional brand.

1. Optimise Your Profile Picture and Headline

Your profile picture and headline are the first things that people see when they visit your page, so it's important to make a great first impression. Choose a professional-looking headshot that represents your industry and personality. Your headline should also be attention-grabbing, informative, and concise. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal brand and highlight your skills and experience.

2. Write a Compelling Summary

Your LinkedIn summary is there to tell your story and highlight your professional achievements, skills, and passions. Make sure to write in the first person and be authentic. Don’t use buzzwords and jargon, as they can make you seem impersonal and robotic. Use concrete examples to demonstrate your accomplishments and add some personality to your summary to make it stand out.

3. Showcase Your Experience

Your experience section is where you can really show off your professional journey and accomplishments. Ensure to include all relevant work experience, internships, volunteer work, and any other relevant experience.

Use bullet points to highlight your accomplishments and quantify them with specifics such as the revenue generated, projects completed, or clients served. This can help your profile stand out and show the impact you've made in your industry rather than just making generalised statements.

4. Highlight Your Skills and Expertise

LinkedIn's skills and endorsements section is a great way to highlight your skills and expertise to potential employers and connections. Make sure to list all relevant skills and endorsements, and ask your colleagues and supervisors, past and present to endorse you for skills they've seen you demonstrate. This can help build credibility and showcase your areas of expertise.

5. Publish Engaging Content

LinkedIn is a great platform to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with your network. Publishing engaging and informative content can help position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Make sure to keep your content professional and relevant. You can also share articles, infographics, and other relevant content to stay top of mind with your network.

6. Engage with Your Network

Engaging with your network is a great way to build relationships. Take time to comment and react to posts and connect with people in your industry. You can also join relevant groups and participate in discussions to build your network and stay informed about industry news and trends.

7. Request Recommendations

Recommendations are a powerful way to show what a great colleague you could be to potential employers and connections. Make sure to request recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, and clients who can speak about your skills and accomplishments. Be specific about what you'd like them to highlight, and thank them for taking the time to write a recommendation.

In conclusion, making your LinkedIn page stand out requires a combination of strategy and authenticity. Taking the above steps will help you to get your profile in great shape and stand out head and shoulders above the rest.


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