How to Get Hired

The skill set

  1. You have to be digital. If you want to be in any area of betting or gaming, it is simply no longer an option to focus purely on the retail sector.

  2. A little knowledge goes a long way. You can come into betting and gaming from almost any background, but familiarity with the subject matter will count for a lot.

  3. Be a fast learner. Whatever you know when you walk through the door, there will always be plenty more to take on board. This is a multi-faceted, ever-changing industry and it pays off if you can keep pace.

  4. Confidence is a preference. Betting and gaming, because of its fast-paced, real-time nature, attracts strong characters – and engenders strong emotions and opinions. It’s not ideal to be a shrinking violet in this environment.

Applying for roles

  1. Be strategic. Don’t simply apply for every job that hoves into view. Be honest with yourself and focus on those opportunities that genuinely suit your abilities. It doesn’t send a good message if you apply for nine jobs in three areas at the same place at the same time.

  2. Use your network. Ask around the people you know who are working in the industry. Be positive and bold – ask them if they know of any openings and get an honest opinion of the best places to work. Don’t be afraid to ask for introductions to senior staff – they are the gatekeepers.

  3. Your CV isn’t set in stone. It’s probably the first step in your campaign to get hired, so make your CV work as hard as possible. If you’re applying for a product management role, tailor the way you talk about your experience to focus on your successes in that area. Don’t have just one CV.

  4. Be persistent. Betting and gaming is a popular industry and, as a result, competition for positions can be intense. Don’t be disheartened if your initial approaches are rebuffed; believe in yourself and keep trying. It’s worth it when you get there.


  1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Do your research on the role, the company, the people there. Know all about the business and the latest developments there and be ready to talk about them pro-actively in your interview.

  2. Practise your answers. Read the job spec thoroughly and look for where the questions are likely to come from. Then work on some well-honed answers that you can have ready to roll out when the time comes. So many interview questions are now scenario-based and start: “Tell me about a time when…” Have some answers ready.

  3. Tell me why... This is the biggest question you will be asked. Every company is looking for someone to come in and make a difference. Work out why you want to work there and how, precisely, you would be a force for good once you walk through the door. A really good answer here could seal the deal.

  4. Follow up. Have some questions ready to ask at the end of the interview. Always inquire about what happens next, how soon you can expect to hear from your interviewer. And, crucially, send an email thanking them for their time and saying how much you enjoyed the meeting. 

The Career Path

  1. Growth potential. The betting and gaming sector, although extremely competitive, continues to grow. Once you are through the door, there will be so many ways to move on up. One thing is for sure, you won’t be sat in the same corner office for 20 years.

  2. Learning curve. The knowledge you acquire once you are through the door can be used to move sideways and diagonally as well as directly upwards. There will always be opportunities to move from, for instance, product to marketing to CRM to product management…

  3. B2C or B2B? While the most visible betting and gaming companies are those who market directly to punters and players, there is an enormous related B2B industry whose products and services keep the wheels oiled. There are opportunities to be explored here too.

  4. What happens next? In recent years, senior operators who have made it to the top in betting and gaming have moved on to some of the biggest corporate names in the digital world – destinations such as Google, Amazon, Asos and Spotify.

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