DevOps Engineer

Job Type Permanent
Salary Up to 70 K euros/year
Reference 32792

A client in Tech is looking for a DevOps Engineer to maintain the current platform sustainability and delivering new features that provide a high level of impact to the business.


  • Maintaining of the organization's digital infrastructure in the long term

  • Collaborate with both development and product teams on building services and applications

  • Conducting analyses, and feeding this data back to development team to support their efforts

  • Strive for continuous improvement of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD pipeline)

  • Developing digital infrastructure and working on automated code to improve efficiency and reduce risk

  • Keeping up with the management of internal databases

  • Planning the evolution of software and IT systems

  • Create and maintain necessary technical documentation and artifacts

  • Staying on top of industry best practices and trends, as well as changes to compliance requirements

  • Contribute ideas, research, and share knowledge with the team.


  • Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent degree or equivalent practical experience in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or related field;

  • 4 or more years related experience with AWS services;

  • Network administration experience (e.g. with VPC, Subnets, Route Tables, Gateways, VPN);

  • Understanding of data collecting/logging and monitoring tools (Kafka, Zookeeper, ELK stack, Opsgenie, Cloud Watch, Grafana, Prometheus);

  • Experience with configuration and managing SQL/NoSQL databases (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis);

  • Experience with CI/CD tools and technologies in a Development Operations;

  • Orchestration software tools like Docker compose, ECS, Kubernetes, etc.

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