Frontend Engineer

Location Nottingham, England
Job Type Permanent
Salary up to £65,000 + equity
Reference 30451

Innovative and young paymets processing company is looking to hire a Frontend Engineer as a permanent addition to the team in Nottingham, England.

This person will be the first front-end hire in the tech team and crucial to shaping the public image of the company and the next phase of growth.


Defining the Ideal Candidate:


Business Objectives

• Needs to make significant contribution to the equity value of the Company

• Help the Company get to market quicker

• Help the Company overcome the many known unknowns ahead

• Help the Company with idea generation and strategy

• Help the Company foster a positive culture

• Protect the Company from making technological mistakes


Technical Objectives

• A full-stack application developer with extensive experience in developing modern user interfaces

• Help in shaping our strategy for UX/UI design and implementation both for web and mobile applications

• A seasoned application developer who will spend significant part of their time developing applications’ front and middle tiers using .Net Core stack

• Has FinTech and start-up experience


Character Objectives

• Needs to be of a calm temperament

• Must have excellent communication skills

• Comfortable in a start-up environment

• Friendly, interesting and a pleasure to be with

• A true technology enthusiast, very much aware of the trends and tools – and being able to select the best ones for the job in hand


The skills, traits and qualifications that will make someone successful in the job:


Professional Skills: Web UI

• Expert knowledge of HTML5/CSS

• Good command of JavaScript

• Extensive experience with Bootstrap and Material Design

• Significant experience with one or several UI frameworks (e.g., React, Angular)

• Experience with complex application state management (e.g. Redux)

• Strong familiarity with UX design tools (Figma, etc.)

• Experience in gathering and prototyping user stories/requirements


Additional skills that will be nice to have:


Professional Skills: Mobile

• Practical expertise with Xamarin Forms

• Hands on experience of native mobile development (both Android and iOS)

• Experience of developing with older XAMLbased frameworks is a plus.


Professional Skills: Developer

• Hands-on experience with developing applications in .Net Core ecosystem.

• Production-grade C# and SQL skills

• Hands-on experience with REST client and server applications and gRPC.

• Good understanding of event-driven and distributed application architecture


Professional Skills: Unicorn

• Had experimented with or developed with Blazor stack.


A Performance Profile: What will you have achieved.


In 3 months

• Laid solid foundation for our UX/UI development process.

• In collaboration with UX designers established a robust and flexible UI development framework across all our products.

• Implemented best practices in terms of change management and scalability

• Transitioned all existing UI assets to rely on the framework you established

• Established excellent rapport with back- and middle-tier developers

• Have contributed significantly to architecting, developing, testing, and deploying in production of our Web-UI application MVP


In 6 months

• Helped in designing and developing mobile applications, replicating WebApp functionality

• Actively participated in shaping the reusable back- and middle-tier components

• Developed “public face” of the company – web sites for investors, and for users of our public APIs


in 12 months

• Have architected and provisioned the toolset for effective customer support.

• Have helped hiring 2-3 further IT specialists, enabling you to focus on all our UX/UI development efforts where you demonstrate true leadership and a culture of constant improvement

• Have achieved extremely high degree of reliability of all of our digital assets


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