Jobhunting 101: The Fintech Cheat Sheet!

Looking for a new job to match your goals in 2022? Job hunts can be daunting, it takes time, research and plenty of confidence to feel ready to put your foot up a rung on the career ladder. With this in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive index, to give you all the information you need to prepare for your next opportunity.

What drives me?

What kind of professional are you?

How To Master Your Personal Brand

Passion Follows Purpose: How To Make Your Work Count

What do I want?

What excites you what do you want to work towards?

How To Plan Your Next Career Move

Four Day Future

How To Assess Good Remote Work Culture

What are my skills?

What are you best at? What might you want to work on?

How Soft Skills And Employability Boost Employability

How To Master Managerial Skills

How To Master Leadership Skills

How To Highlight Multilingual Talents On Your CV The Right Way

Changing Career?

Find your next challenge:

Changing Careers In Fintech: How Hard Is It Really?

Career Guide: Working Payments & Fintech

How much am I worth?

To maximise your potential to earn, it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest salary figures. Check out our salary survey here:

Headcount Salary Survey 2021

Worried about the interview?

Don’t sweat it!

How To Cover the Basics Effectively

How To Answer The Most Common Questions

How To Give The Answers Interviewers Are Looking For

How To Deal With Wildcard Questions In An Interview

Interviewing Your Interviewer Why And How

How To Ace The Remote Hiring Process

The 8 Interview Types (And How To Ace Them)

How To End An Interview On A high (Get Noticed!)

How To Succeed in Applications And Interviews

Need some CV tips?

We’ve got you covered!

How To Explain A CV Gap

CV Storytelling 5 Techniques Job Application Success

CV Writing Tips Avoid The Obvious And The Not So Obvious Mistakes You're Making

The One Line CV How To Sell Yourself In Just A Few Words

CV Tips Show Tell And Evidence Your Brilliance

Candidate Guide How To Write A Successful Product Management CV

Language Skills: How To Highlight Multilingual Talents On Your CV The Right Way

Make An Impact 10 Fundamentals For CV Success

CV Advice Proving Your Business Worth Irrefutably With Facts And Figures

Cover letter need work?

Check out our guide:

How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

What are my options?

Are you being offered options for the first time? Check out our options breakdown:

Stock Options 101

Unsure how to leave on good terms?

We give our top 5 tips:

How To Resign Professionally

Unsure about job titles?

Browse our jobs explained section:

Jobs Explained


Looking for new opportunities or just want to see what's out there? Feel free to check out our latest jobs for Fintech & Payments professionals