Headcount's 2021 Payments & Fintech Salary Survey

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Headcount recruitment has released its 2021 Payments & Fintech Salary Survey, providing exclusive insight into rates of pay and the state of the talent market.

Despite a truly turbulent 2020, salary rates held broadly steady last year. We tracked a reduction in pay rates, but only of -1% from 2019-20. Professionals in payments and fintech still enjoy rates of pay that compare favourably to cross-industry averages, as well as benefiting from the industry’s proven resilience to Covid-19’s impact.​


​As business uncertainty continues into 2021, though, it’s likely that professionals can expect only modest increases to salary rates this year. This is already reflected in many employers plans for Q1 hiring. Encouragingly, 47% of businesses surveyed are still planning for workforce growth this year.

The continuing talent shortage is certainly inflating salaries in some key areas at above-average pace. Professionals in commercial, legal and tech are in short supply and can expect increasingly generous compensation, designed to attract.

Big earners in 2021 will be found particularly in product, commercial and tech departments – as detailed fully in Headcount’s. The impressive pay packets already on offer in these areas are a reflection of both the value these individuals contribute, as well as current talent scarcity.​

The full Salary Survey 2021, available free, includes:

·       Salary benchmarks for payments and fintech jobs

·       Analytical commentary on the talent market from expert consultants

·       Location analysis, including hotspots for talent in 2021

·       Strategies for professionals and employers to conduct salary negotiations

·       Key trends in the payments and fintech talent market for the year ahead

Ideal for employers, the Salary Survey provides exclusive insight into the talent market. “We strongly believe that ‘talent strategy’ should be a central component of every business strategy” says Headcount founder and CCO Neill Butcher.

“Getting talent strategy right truly is critical to success in today’s market. I hope that businesses and professionals alike will find this year’s guide a useful resource.”

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